The Good God – the Good Read

My best read of the last year has recently been published. The Good God: Enjoying Father, Son and Spirit by Mike Reeves is a look at the doctrine of the Trinity that will warm your heart. Here’s the commendation that I wrote for it:

The Good God is a wonderful read. Reading it feels like you’re eating candy floss – sweet, fun, easy. But in fact you’re getting a nourishing, nutritious meal of real substance. This book will enlarge your view of God and increase love for God. You’ll be blown away by the lavish love between the Father, Son and the Spirit that overflows to the world. If you want to enjoy God more then read this book.

It’s available in the UK from The US edition is being published under the title Delighting in the Trinity in September. You can pre-order at (or buy the UK edition now).

(Yes, the US title is the same as my book on the Trinity about which Mike was very apologetic. IVP in the US seem to have a bad habit of not consulting authors and then choosing inappropriate titles!)


2 thoughts on “The Good God – the Good Read

  1. Hi Tim,

    Thanks for the recommendation!

    I’m really enjoying the book so far and his style is easy and engaging, and the topic is immense and is not given enough time and consideration.
    I’m confused though over how the book starts. He asserts that before all things God is Father, but I thought he’d say that before all things God is Triune? I got the impression that the true God is the Father, and the Son and the Spirit are sort of God too. I know Paul generally refers to the Father as God, and the Son as Lord – but have always thought Lord & God as equal (although with differing in roles). Do you think I’ve mis-understood the Trinity or what Mr Reeves is asserting (Apologies – I’m not the brightest spark!).

  2. Ah, Mike, within your question lies a big theological discussion about whether the Father is the fountainhead of the Trinity, the eternal cause of the Son and the Spirit. But I suspect Mike Reeves is not pursuing a particular line on that in The Good God. I can’t claim to be a exegete of Mike, but I suspect he might easily have said God was before all things Trinity or community. But he is trying to express it in a way to which we can relate because what he is interested in is reshaping how we relate to God. So he went for the focus on God as Father.

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