If we consider him faithful …

We’re currently doing a Bible overview and yesterday we were looking at Abraham and God’s promise to him of a people and a land, the promise Paul describes as the gospel announced in advance. The challenge was, Do we consider him faithful who made the promise – this promise to Abraham, this promise to us, the promise of a better city, a better place than anything this world offers? Because if we do believe God has a better place for us, it will turn our lives upside down – as did for Abraham.

To drive the point home we watched this video from John Piper …


4 thoughts on “If we consider him faithful …

  1. Interesting video. However, feel that in needed to be a clearer challenge to use retirement for the gospel not collecting shells and fish on the end of a rope. What we were left with, because of the images it appeared as if the message was also saying that these “unevangelised people” who were poor would not be if they were Christians. As we know you can be poor and living in hard circumstances as a Christian.

  2. @ Richard, I didn’t really get that at all. The call is to consider where your treasure is regardless of your age and to live every moment in light of that treasure. If your Treasure is the Lord then you would invest earthly time, talent and treasure to reach people with mercy and grace which will include things like helping orphans and widows in their distress. Helping helpless people is a picture, albeit an incomplete one, of God’s love for us in Christ. Where there are Christians in poverty we should all the more do good to these members of the household of faith (Gal 6:10)

  3. Tim,

    Completely of topic: why did you remove your articles page? I used it regularly to introduce people to parts of your work – eg the eating articles and your NPP articles.



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