Reaching the Unreached video

The video from the recent Reaching the Unreached conference is now online here.

Here’s what’s on offer:

  • Gospel convictions for hard places, Andy Mason
  • Addressing the heart, Tim Chester
  • Confronting victim mentality, Duncan Forbes
  • Change is possible, Pete Jackson

Case studies:

  • Discipling multi-cultural congregation, Andy Mason
  • Equipping women to pursue gospel relationships, Jane Casey
  • Realistic expectations for missional discipleship, Dai Hankey

Check out the Reaching the Unreached blog while you’re there.


One thought on “Reaching the Unreached video

  1. Tim,

    I wasn’t quite sure how to reach you other than to post a comment on your blog. In your book, The Ordinary Hero, you reference an article you wrote in 2001 for Evangel called, “Christ’s Little Flock: Towards and Ecclesiology of the Cross.” I’d love to get a copy of that article if possible. Thanks!

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