Not listening to God

Here’s a challenging and timely article from the latest edition of Evangelicals Now by the evangelist, Roger Carswell. Roger’s contention is ‘that, in the UK, the parts which need most attention as far as the gospel is concerned are receiving least’. He gives a number of telling examples. Please read the whole thing with a prayerful heart.

On a positive note, I’m off today to the Reaching the Unreached conference. This is part of a small movement of evangelicals concerned to reach the council estates and deprived areas of our country. Over 150 people are coming to Speke in Liverpool which is a very encouraging sign. Please pray for us.


3 thoughts on “Not listening to God

  1. Every student in every CU in the UK should be forced to sit down and read that article. Twice.

  2. Sincerely, a timely article indeed. We must all read this with a prayerful heart, and a readiness to hear where the Lord wants to us to be, and what he wants us to be doing. Roger has served us and our Lord honestly and faithfully with this.

  3. Yes, an excellent article. Could I also flag the National Christian Outreach Centre close to where we partly live now north of the border — . Given the nature of things in Scotland, ‘communities’ are very high on the agenda of this excellent enterprise. It’s just so inspiring to walk past their purpose-build premises (with eg a restaurant where you can meet the unchurched who just come there to eat reasonably) constructed round a church. Pastoral events draw in folk from across the nation.

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