Introducing the Porterbrook Institute

For a number of years I’ve headed up the Northern Training Institute which has offered affordable, Bible college-level training for gospel ministry. We’ve now renamed and redesigned the course. The new name is the Porterbrook Institute which reflects our links to the Porterbrook Network and our national reach. The new course introduces more skills development and strengths our missional edge. We running two diploma courses:

Diploma in Church Leadership
Diploma in Church Planting

These three-year programmes are designed as a ministry-based alternative to Bible college. They provide a thorough preparation for church leadership and church planting, allowing you to study in the context of your ministry. You will receive a good foundation in biblical studies, doctrine and missional theology as well as developing skills in theological reflection, pastoral practice, Bible teaching and missional leadership. The core content of the two courses is the same with different specialist tracks. They are taught through a mixture of distance learning modules, five annual seminar days, two annual week-long residentials and one annual intensive two-day workshop.

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2 thoughts on “Introducing the Porterbrook Institute

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  2. If a church has people serving as “elders” is it reasonable that all of them would serve as paid staff?
    If they (elders) serve as paid staff, and therefore are under the Pastor, can they be as effective as they should be?

    What role do the elders in your church serve?

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