The Son of Man came eating and drinking

Over the next weeks I’m going to be posting some extracts from my latest book, A Meal with Jesus. The book is available here from and and there is also a Kindle version available here from and

How would you complete the sentence: “The Son of Man came …”? The Son of Man came … preaching the word … to establish the kingdom of God … to die on the cross.

Perhaps the question is more revealing if we make it, “We should go …”? We should … campaign for political change … preach on street corners … make the most of new media … adapt to the culture we want to reach.

There are three ways the New Testament completes the sentence, “The Son of Man came …” “The Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” (Mark 10:45) “The Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” (Luke 19:10) “The Son of Man has come eating and drinking.” (Luke 7:34)

The first two are statements of purpose. Why did Jesus come? He came to serve, to give his life as a ransom, to seek and save the lost. The third is a statement of method. How did Jesus come? He came eating and drinking.

“Son of Man” is Daniel’s label for one who comes before God to receive authority over the nations (Daniel 7). And now in Jesus the Son of Man has come. But how does he come? Does he come with an army of angels? Does he come on the clouds of heaven? Does he come with a blaze of glory? No, he comes “eating and drinking”.

The Jews of Jesus’ day would have said the Son of Man will come to vindicate the righteous and defeat God’s enemies. They didn’t expect him to come to seek and save the lost. And they would have said the Son of Man will come in glory and power. They would never have said he would come eating and drinking …

Jesus spent his time eating and drinking … His mission strategy was a long meal, stretching into the evening. He did evangelism and discipleship round a table with some grilled fish, a loaf of bread and a pitcher of wine.

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5 thoughts on “The Son of Man came eating and drinking

  1. Convicting read. How often we are passionate to proclaim the purposes but wary (at best) to identify in Christ’s methodology demonstrated within those purposes.

  2. We’re doing a series this “semester” in our Gospel community on various topics related to our Gospel mission together (Gospel, community, mission, posture, kingdom) and this week was food. Your book came out just in time. My friend read the book in advance of us discussing the topic of food as it relates to mission and it was very helpful that he did (well, he’s sharp on his own, but you enhanced his teaching/leading through your book). So, thanks!

  3. Sorry boring comment alert : Tim can you do anything about getting your other books on kindle? Much easier for us down in South Africa!

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