New edition of Christianity Explored launched today

A new edition of Christian Explored course is launched today and I’ve had the privilege of seeing a pre-publication copy.

Christianity Explored used to be great …

Christianity Explored is the evangelistic course fronted by Rico Tice from All Souls, London. It’s been a great resource for introducing people to Jesus. It involves getting people to read Mark’s Gospel so that the Bible itself becomes the evangelistic tool. It’s clear about sin, judgment and the cost of following Jesus while putting the person of Jesus, the grace of God and the substitutionary nature of the cross centre stage. The focus is on the identity of Jesus, the mission of Jesus and the call of Jesus to follow him. Each session includes a discussion of a chunk of Mark’s Gospel plus a talk which you deliver yourself or use DVDs.

… and now it’s even better

The new edition of the DVD involves reshooting all the talks, freshening up the presentation and reducing the places were the old edition was (I think) a bit corny.

The new edition reduces the number of sessions from ten to seven which makes it easier to run – I think the ‘ask’ of doing ten session was a bit much for many unbelievers.

The new edition is much more focused around Mark’s Gospel. One of the weakness of the previous version was that the talks did not really connect with the studies of Mark’s Gospel. But with the new version the talks are in effect expositions of the Gospel.

The new edition has a new tag line: “One Life. What’s it all about?”

As I’ve previously posted, they’ve split the website into two: there’s a website designed for unbelievers ( and a website for people interested in running the course (

For those who know Christianity Explored well, weeks 4-6 are now ordered cross-resurrection-grace (rather than cross-grace-resurrection) to follow the gospel story more closely. The material that used to covered in sessions 8-10 (the sessions that are now omitted) has been put into the day away so the day away becomes about the cost of following Jesus. This means that in the new version the material on the Bible, prayer and the church that used to be covered in the day away is now no longer in the course. This is my one regret about the new version. I think that often unbelievers want to now what life will actually be like for them if they become a Christian, what will it look like day to day. And this material helped them to see this. I would be tempted to use the old version for the day away.

The Christianity Explored course materials are available here in the UK and here in the US.