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Last year the UK publishing group Authentic Media went bust before being bought out by Koorong Books. One of the casualties in this process was Andrew Baughen’s book Therefore Go. It was released around this time and so received very little publicity or attention. This is a big shame because it is a great book.

Therefore Go is about how you can organize your church for evangelism in a way that connects with the culture around you. It takes the best of Tim Keller, adds a little bit of The Crowded House approach and turns it into a practical strategy for church-based mission. Plus it is set in an an attractive and engaging way full of visual appeal. Each double page spread contains a stand alone idea. Therefore Go is a companion to Andrew’s equally good book, The Because Approach.

Here’s the commendation I wrote for the book plus commendations form Tim Keller and Sandy Millar:

I’ve very excited about this book. Here’s a book on evangelism that has theological depth and cultural insight, but connects that with ordinary life and ordinary churches. Suddenly I can see how we might ‘do’ some of the big mission principles we believe in. This book will make you feel excited about evangelism instead of making you feel guilty. Plus it’s a pleasure to read. (Tim Chester, The Crowded House and Porterbrook Institute)

Andrew Baughen’s volume on evangelism perfectly threads the needle, avoiding the opp0osite errors of being too ‘canned’ or too nebulous. He gives us concrete steps that will make us effective in our outreach, and yet allows for the necessary freedom to adapt to hearers of different temperaments, cultures, and capacities. I highly recommend this book. (Tim Keller, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York)

Andrew has spent much of his life exploring his passion to find new and attractive ways of presenting Jesus Christ. Therefore Go is a mine of wisdom and practical advice which deseerves to be widely sutdied. (Sandy Millar, Tollington Parish and Assistant Bishop in London)

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7 thoughts on “Therefore Go

  1. Hi Tim,
    This sounds like a great recommendation.
    On the subject of Authentic Media going bust – what about The World We All Want? Last time I checked (albeit a few months ago) it was all-but impossible to find. Will it be reprinted?

  2. The US amazon link doesn’t appear to work and I wasn’t able to find the book on Any thoughts?

  3. I cant find “Therefore Go” by Andrew Baughen in the U.S.
    It is not listed on Amazon.

  4. I am so excited to see such a work as this. Our church is going out into the fields with Outreach and after evangelism training the last 6 months, we are now seeking those who are lost and sharing the gospel as part of the imperative command of the Great Commission. I am glad there are others that embrace this verbal command to “Go!”. Nicely done.

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