Opportunity: Gospel Trainee in TCH Sheffield

The Crowded House Sheffield is a network of gospel communities. In our gospel communities we share life together; eating together, praying together and discipling one another with the aim of sharing the gospel with those who don’t know Jesus. Our Gospel Trainee (GT) Scheme offers an opportunity to serve and be trained in the context of these gospel communities and the wider gathering. Each trainee is placed with a gospel community, which will be the context for the majority of their mission and ministry.

“The gospel trainee year has taught me a huge amount about pretty much all the things that I needed to learn: the Bible, the Church, the importance of drinking tea – and ultimately about the idols that rule my heart and how the Gospel can speak into every aspect of my life and the lives of every single person I know.” Tim, Gospel Trainee, 2010-2011

In addition to life in their gospel community, trainees have a variety of tasks and responsibilities each week. These vary depending on needs at the time and the gifts of each trainee. Things that former trainees have been involved in are:

  • Handyman jobs
  • Web updating
  • Preparing projection displays for Gatherings
  • Organising and helping with Conversation Club
  • Making short films
  • Setting up and running a lunch club for the elderly
  • Research work
  • Cleaning
  • Establishing and building on links with local shopkeepers and the schools in the area
  • Meeting up with students: to encourage them in their discipleship
  • Developing the children’s work within the context of the whole church community
  • Responsibility for recording sermons and uploading the podcasts
  • Helping people in the local church with the stuff of every day life (walking dogs, picking up children from school, washing cars, etc)
  • Pastoral visits
  • Helping run the network’s football team
  • Helping set up and run the Asylum Seeker initiative

“The gospel trainee year was an invaluable experience. I learnt about real everyday service of Jesus and my church family. I was able to get stuck in to the nitty gritty of church.” Claire, Gospel Trainee, 2009-2010

A variety of training comes as part of the Scheme:

  • Porterbrook Learning – trainees take part in this course which helps ordinary Christians learn how to serve Jesus and his people better. It’s not theology for theology’s sake. It offers concrete applications and examples, whilst allowing those studying to train in the context of ordinary life in their local community.
  • On the job training – trainees will work alongside more experienced members of the church with the intention that they’ll be trained as they observe and ‘do’.
  • Gospel community  Training – trainees will be ‘gospelled’ and trained as part of sharing lives with others in their gospel communities.

“I’m so thankful for my year as a GT. I discovered more about the depths of my own sin and rejoiced more at the beautiful sufficiency of Jesus’ grace than in any other year of my life to date!” Lucy, Gospel Trainee, 2008-2009

Board and lodging are provided. Gospel Trainees are encouraged to find paid work for up to 15 hours per week as a means of contact with non-Christians and for extra funding.

Who should apply?
We are looking for people who are willing to be very flexible and risk their sense of comfort, security and traditions – all for the sake of the gospel. We usually ask that those who apply have experience of holding down a job or have completed a university, or equivalent, course. Although not essential, those with technical skills are particularly encouraged to apply! The next start date is 1 September 2011.

“I praise God for the opportunity to be a gospel trainee. He used that time to teach me about the destructive and insidious nature of sin resulting in a new understanding of the beauty and necessity of Jesus and his grace. This was helpfully learnt in the context of mission in the local church.” Kara, Gospel Trainee, 2008-2009

Want to know more?
For further details, contact Rebecca Wells at rebecca.wells@thecrowdedhouse.org


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