House Party – an introduction to The Crowded House

We have started holding exposure and training weeks called ‘House Party’ for people interested in seeing something of what we’re trying to do in The Crowded House.

The week will involve a mix of teaching, discussion and time spent with our gospel communities. The aim is to give you a context to engage with our principles and see them earthed in our day-to-day practice. These weeks also provide an opportunity to talk to some of the leaders of The Crowded House and others visiting for the week to discuss ideas and ask questions.

If you’re interested in church planting with The Crowded House or learning about missional church then this is for you.

We are planning two ‘house party’ weeks this year. The dates are:

  • Wednesday 11th to Sunday 15th May
  • Wednesday 26th to Sunday 30th October

Click here for more information.

UPDATE: All the places for 2011 are now taken, but plans are in place for House Parties 2012. If you would like to register your interest or find out more then please email