Acting the miracle of Spirit-worked change

John Piper has posted a very helpful short post on our role and the Spirit’s role in sanctification. Change is a mircale worked by the Spirit, but we are called to “act the miracle” just as the paralyzed man had to get up when Jesus miraculously healed him:

When it comes to killing my sin I don’t wait for the miracle, I act the miracle.

Acting a miracle is different from working a miracle. If Jesus tells a paralyzed man to get up, and he gets up, Jesus works a miracle. But if I am the paralyzed man and Jesus tells me to get up, and I obey and get up, I act the miracle. If I am dead Lazarus and Jesus commands me to get up, and I obey, Jesus works the miracle, I act the miracle.

So when it comes to killing my sin, I don’t wait passively for the miracle of sin-killing to be worked on me, I act the miracle.

You can read the whole thing here.

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