Our Father’s everyday kindness

I thought I would pass on this from the prayer letter of a friend who is serving Christ in the Middle-East as a reminder to all of us of our Father’s loving involvement in our day to day lives:

Being a follower of Jesus heightens our experiences of everyday life. Knowing from whose hand the blessings we receive come, allows us to appreciate them not just for their intrinsic value. These experiences also remind us of the bond of love that exists between us and our Heavenly Father. Whether they be material benefits, the provision of particular relationships or the supply of grace in more challenging times, we have enjoyed directing our thanks to Father God in recent months. We notice a tenderness and wisdom in the way he has orchestrated our lives, as well as in the unexpected changes in our own attitudes to life.


2 thoughts on “Our Father’s everyday kindness

  1. Tim, I am leading a group from our church through “Busy Christian’s Guide to Busyness” in the US. The book is unavailable through amazon and cannot find it. Could we get permission to make copies of some chapters for the group each week? If not, I understand.

    Couldn’t post this under one of the old post on the book. Comments were closed and didn’t know how to reach you.

    Grace and peace,


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