Urban mission and missional church videos

I’ve just come across a treasure trove of videos on missional church at the Verge vimeo page.

Also Brad Brisco has posted a great video from the recent Lausanne Congress in Cape Town of Tim Keller on urban mission.


3 thoughts on “Urban mission and missional church videos

  1. Thanks for posting this link! I’ve watched the stuff by Halter on that site, so I’m interested in seeing those other clips. I was wondering if you’ve read and/or reviewed Halter & Smay’s “The Tangible Kingdom” or the Primer that goes with it. I’d be interested in your take. Disclaimer: I love it. When I point people to what I believe about church planting/church life/ecclesiology/missiology, I first point them to “The Gospel Centred Church” and/or “Total Church” and then if they’re able to handle “edgy-ness,” I point them to “The Tangible Kingdom.” I don’t mean to imply you’re straight-laced by calling Halter/Smay edgy ;o) … my tangential comment has now ended …

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