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A number of my books have been published by the The Good Book Company including Delighting in the Trinity, From Creation to New Creation, Gospel-Centred Church, Gospel-Centred Life, Gospel-Centred Family and various contributions to the Good Book Guide Bible study series. The Good Book Company specialize in practical resources for Christians and churches which are gospel-centred, attractively designed and user-friendly. And …

Today they launched a new redesigned UK website

Click here for my books.

A year or so ago they recently launched in the US as well.




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  2. I was recommended the book “The world we all want” and I also noticed the book “From Creation to New Creation” they seem very similiar, so what is the main difference?

  3. TWWAW is a short evangelistic course in seven sessions presenting the gospel through biblical theology. It is Q&A qith key Bible passages and short connecting paragrpahs of text.

    FCTNC is a ‘proper’ book for Christians introducing biblical theology. It looks at the four key elements of God’s promise: a people who know God a place of blessing, a king and a kingdom and blessing to the nations. In each case it looks at what is happening to the promise at each stage of the Bible story. The idea is to provide a framework through which Christians can understand and apply any Bible passage in a gospel-centred, christological way.

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