Reclaiming adoption

Following on from yesterday’s post on the fatherhood of God, I’m happy to commend a new book out from Together for Adoption called Reclaiming Adoption: Missional Living Through the Rediscovery of Abba Father. Here’s the commendation I wrote for the book although many people more notable than me have commended it.

The wonderful good news of our adoption by God is such an important truth for Christians today. Too many of us believe we will be acquitted on the last day, but in the meantime we live as slaves, distanced from God because we do not embrace him as our loving Father. As a result our obedience is reduced to mere duty instead of being animated by joy. How can we put this right? Reclaiming Adoption is a great place to start. Enriching theology and missional application are beautifully interwoven. The result is a book that will warm your heart and might just change your life.

When I was last in the States with my daughter, our hosts, Bill and Teresa Legere, were just back from the Together for Adoption conference. It was exciting to share their feedback from the conference. I was so impressed by their lives: they had adopted three sisters, one of whom was tragically killed in a motor accident, and were planning to adopt two more. More than that, though, adoptive grace and joy seem to transfuse their whole lives. Let’s have more ‘missional living through the rediscover of Abba Father’!



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