What a time to be an English cricket fan

Well, my policy with my blog is generally to keep the focus on ‘Reformed spirituality and missional church’. I’m of a generation that doesn’t feel the need to broadcast their private feelings to the world. But today is a day to make an exception. I’ve only made such an exception once before, when England regained the Ashes. Today they retained them in Australia for the first time in 24 years with an emphatic win, their second win by an innings in the series. To see England dominate play session after session is a very new experience for us. So enjoy the closing moments …

And here’s a version for American readers …

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8 thoughts on “What a time to be an English cricket fan

  1. Sigh.
    In 2005 and 2009 at least I could think that the Aussies got the worst of the luck and encountered some sublime individual performances.
    Not this time.
    We got smacked by a disciplined squad who got the most from their talent as individuals and as a team. Their determination and fire seemed positively African at times (oddly enough).
    Contrastingly the Australians exuded panic and indecision. Inexplicable team selections. An underperforming batting order who seemed to enjoy protected species status and bowlers who lack consistency.
    Well played. (Or spectated, as the case may be.)
    It will be a very different Australian squad visiting in 2013.
    Gary Ware.

  2. I should add, in case people think I’ve lost historical perspective, that it is testament to Australia’s dominance of test cricket over the past twenty years that people here have been describing England’s performance in this series as ‘Australian-like’ and Australia’s performance as ‘English-like’. It’s this historical background that makes our performance so enjoyable. Waking up morning after morning to English dominance has felt very strange. What happened in Perth almost felt like a relief, like the world was back to normal. Almost.

  3. I should have known not to visit any UK websites for a few more days:) Well done – and well deserved. The post-mortem regarding what went wrong for Australia is showing no signs of slowing down here…

    ALaird – hoping for a return to that Perth normality soon:)

  4. Not so sure it is as much an English resurgence as an Australian decline. In my humble opinion not many world-class players on either team – for England Anderson and Swann. For Australia – Ricky Ponting (not in this series though) & Mike Hussey, and maybe Mitchell Johnson when he shows up…

    Surely the real action is in SA at the moment…

  5. Ah John, last time I posted on England winning the Ashes you left a comment saying, ‘Enjoy while it lasts Tim. When your boys come to SA later this year, then we will see what you really made of …’ So let me remind what happened: we drew the test series and won the one day international series. (And for the record, the two games England and South Africa have played since that tour were both won by England.) The key thing about this England team is that it’s a team, not a bunch of prima donnas.

  6. Ouch caught out by my own words! But fair comment this England team is a very good team. But still reckon the Aussies have given you a fairly easy ride. As for that England test series draw that still hurts – but for one wicket on two occassions…

  7. Of course you know the first mention of a Cricket match in the Bible?

    Acts 2 when Peter stood up amongst the eleven and was bold!

    The first practice match was earlier when the disciples toiled all night in the nets and caught nothing!

    The Ashes were great to watch even for this Irish man. Hope the English don’t put on their cocky heads again and think they are God’s gift. As they say they are the world’s best at inventing sports but not often the best in the world at playing them!

  8. About time England got up.

    Though also about time Australia’s dominance ended. It’s hard to be the ‘top team’ for too long, as you need defeat and challenge to remain ‘on top’ of your game. Complacency sets in – but it takes a while to show, as it did finally in this series. The seeds of that failure though are many years old…

    Hmm. Almost a good example for a Bible teaching, except for the controversy!

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