What went wrong with the Left

Carl Trueman’s new book, Republocrat: Confessions of a Liberal Conservative, looks promising, in terms of both content and style. The first chapter is available online and is a great description of what’s gone wrong with the Left, about how it’s traditional concerns with economic poverty got replaced by identity politics. That’s ‘great’, I should say, in the sense of articulating my own frustrations with the Left and subsequent sense of political homelessness. For what’s worth, I regard myself as what Trueman calls ‘Old Left’ and find myself large sympathizing with his position.

Republocrat is available here from amazon.com and amazon.co.uk.


3 thoughts on “What went wrong with the Left

  1. Hello Tim,

    I think there’s a growing sense of dissatisfaction with the so-called “right” and the “left”. That’s why you see the rise of the “Red Tories” today in the UK. I’ve read Dr. Blond’s book but as an American it didn’t resonate with me in some ways due, I think, to my cultural distance from what he describe, terms used, etc.

    Yet, I sensed a connection. Neither the modern manifestation here of the “Left” or “Right” satisfies.

    It lead me to review a new book by John Medaille called Toward a Truly Free Market. I sense my direction lies there and that it is closer to the Biblical Vision though it is not primarily a “theological” book or even evangelical (Medaille is Roman).

    Here’s my review should it interest you.



  2. Thanks for your comments. I must say I’m reluctant to get drawn too much into political discussions. Unless, that is, I get round to pursuing seriously my interest in the book of Revelation. (I’ve already got 60,000 words of material!)

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