Revised version of the cover of A Meal With Jesus

Here’s a slightly modified version of the cover A Meal With Jesus. It emphasizes the word ‘meal’ more because, while it is a book about Jesus, so are most books in the shop whereas the distinctive of this one is its focus on meals.



9 thoughts on “Revised version of the cover of A Meal With Jesus

  1. I like it – although it looks like the cover of a Jamie Oliver cookery book. And I can’t decide if that’s a good or a bad thing.

  2. Looking forward to reading this! Especially with all the stuff you talked about last year this time when you were in Maine. Sounds like a great book. Hope things are doing well!

  3. Still think you need food on it! BBQ, round a table, Picnic. I want some food! Mmmmm toast!
    Maybe sharing pizza relaxing around a coffee table.

  4. I think the other problem, is there is only one place setting in the picture. If you are talking community it needs to illustrate people eating together. Not just a tv dinner.

    Still a great subject!

  5. Sorry last comment, why not photograph a pizza in a delivery box with three hands taking a piece each. With the cheese stretching as the pieces are torn from each other. Need lots of olives! or pref. a ‘Sloppy Giuseppe’ Mmmmmmm

  6. Love the subject matter – can I order a copy now! But the cover looks too 1960s. It wouldn’t make me pick the book up from a display. I think (as an author myself) the cover attracts first, then the title, then the subtitle. The cover leads a potential purchaser to pick up the book and look further.I like the hands grabbing pizza idea! Or a mixed age picnic – something 21st century.

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