Potential cover for A Meal with Jesus

Here’s the proposed cover for my forthcoming book, A Meal With Jesus: Discovering Grace, Community and Mission Around the Table. Any thoughts? (It’s due out at the end of April 2011.)

A Meal With Jesus Proposed Cover


23 thoughts on “Potential cover for A Meal with Jesus

  1. I love it! It reminds me of family meals around my nana’s table when I was just a lad. Makes me want to feast with loved ones!

  2. I ‘get’ it, and like it, although I wonder if perhaps it looks a little bit like that 1970s paperback which has been in your local christian bookshop for 40 years and nobody has bought it…

  3. I’m just glad it didn’t have a picture of Jesus with an apron that looked like that on. I like the design aesthetically but agree it is a bit 1970’s. Plus your aren’t releasing it until April! Now I have to be patient.

  4. The “Granny’s Cookery Book” cover doesn’t inspire me to buy it at all.

    To me, it looks as if someone is trying just too hard to be trendy by being ironically retro. I know some US bands do that with their album covers, but they face the danger here of just appearing to be too knowing or even smug.

  5. Like it a lot, but wonder whether it’s pushed the 50’s American kitch that bit too far. Is there a UK edition planned? Will be buying it though.

  6. If a cover is supposed to disclose or encapture at least part of the thought inside the book, i think, this one misses the mark. You are going to write about hospitality, reconciliation between God and men and between peoples, the bible’s grand narrative as summarised by meals, about the Lord’s Supper, etc. Surely there must be a more powerful, more evocative picture.

    By the way, looking forward to your book!



  7. Love this. Bright. Simple. Cool but homely at the same time. I really like it. Dare I ask (with the others) what the UK cover would be? Could it be the same? Looking forward to it. Bet Jonny’s gutted you got there first with this book!

  8. On different but related subject – have you seen that Neil Cole has given a book almost the same title as one of your books. He calls it “Ordinary Hero” you call yours “The Ordinary Hero” – Controversial!!! For more details see http://cole-slaw.blogspot.com/ – the books are about very different things it seems.

  9. I really like the title which makes me want to read the book. The cover, however, looks very similar to the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbooks.

  10. Looks like a great book and subject. I’d personally like to see the cover more focused on Food and people hanging out together. Maybe snap shots of people in a Noodle Bar, kitchen, having a Picnic, KFC, in a bar, breakfast, BBQ etc. (not cartoon or silhouette!)

    Don’t like the dated look. I’d go with Jonathan Hunt, looks like something that’s been on a CLC shelf for years.

  11. Following that, I am sure I can get a group of mates to pose for the photo’s in restaurants across Sheffield. If you’r buying the meals ;)

  12. Agree with Wendy re: the title.

    But I really don’t like the cover. It actually makes me want to avoid the book (apart from being interested by the Re:Lit label).

  13. Like it! Perhaps include a knife and fork on either side of the ‘plate’… Like the retro feel – I think it would sell well here in South Africa..
    Maybe it’s the chequered cloth that’s putting people off. I disagree with Andy Wilcock – silhouette works well if you do end up going with a different cover with people on it.

  14. I am looking forward to the book for the author. However I am not sure what my reaction would be if I saw this on a shelf. I think I would place it in a cook book category. But I know that it will stand out, kinda surprise how “bright” it is for a ReLit book, almost not enough black to be a ReLit book. Nevertheless still really looking forward to reading this!

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