Experiencing God, Experiencing Rest

Over the past couple of weeks I have been posting a number of excerpts from the Good Book Company’s new booklet Experiencing God: Finding true passion, joy, peace and rest in Christ. This last study focuses on Experiencing Rest and relates to Acts 16 v 11-34.

The Big Idea

Experiencing God brings an experience of rest as we no longer feel the need to prove ourselves or to establish our own identity.


Luke tells the stories of three very different people who became Christians during Paul and Silas’ time in Philippi. Together they illustrate the different ways an experience of God brings rest.

Lydia is a wealthy, independent woman. But her wealth has not satisfied her for she is searching for God. God opens her heart to the message of Jesus.

The slave girl is economically and spiritually oppressed and tormented. The power of Jesus sets her free.

The jailor is probably an ex-soldier who has earned his citizenship. He may be terrified at being a failure and losing his identity. But he welcomes the message of Jesus and cares for Paul and Silas.

The message of Jesus brings:

• satisfaction to a life unfulfilled by wealth (Lydia)
• freedom to a life troubled by spirits (the slave girl)
• joy to a life scarred by violence (the jailor)

Available here from the Good Book Company (US) and from the Good Book Company (UK)

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