Experiencing God, Experiencing Passion

I have been posting a number of excerpts from the Good Book Company’s new booklet Experiencing God: Finding true passion, joy, peace and rest in Christ. This fifth study focuses on Experiencing Passion and relates to Titus 2 v 11 – 3 v 8.

The Big Idea

Understanding the grace and glory of Christ makes us passionate about serving Him.

God redeemed us to be people of passion – a passion for serving Him. (The word translated “eager” in 2 v 14 of the NIV is the word “zealous” or “passionate”.) God Himself is passionate. The Bible talks about “the zeal of the Lord”.

Not all passion is good (2 v 12). Worldly passions can be passions for bad things, or passions for good things that are bigger in our life than God. When a passion for anything causes us to behave in an ungodly way, then in that moment that passion matters more than God. Such passions lead to slavery and conflict (3 v 3).

The grace of God teaches us to say “no” to ungodly and worldly passions (2 v 11-12). The truths of the gospel should make us passionate for God (2 v 11-14; 3 v 4-8). And our passion is expressed not just in excited praise or effusive talk, but in self-control and in good works (2 v 12, 14’ 3 v 8).

Available here from the Good Book Company (US) and from the Good Book Company (UK)

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