Experiencing God, Experiencing Peace

Throughout this week and next I am posting a number of excerpts from the Good Book Company’s new booklet Experiencing God: Finding true passion, joy, peace and rest in Christ. The third study focuses on experiencing peace and relates to Mark 4 v 35 – 5 v 43.

The Big Idea

We can move from an experience of agitation and anxiety to an experience of comfort and calm through faith in God’s care.


The four stories in the passage begin with:

  • an agitated sea
  • an agitated man
  • an anxious woman
  • an anxious father

They all end up at peace. The sea is calmed (v 39). The man is in his right mind (5 v 15). Jesus says to the woman: “Go in peace” (5 v 34). The father receives his daughter back from the dead (5 v 41-42). In the process we see the complete authority of Jesus over the natural world, the spirit world, sickness and death. But not everyone is at peace. The disciples are terrified when the see the power of Jesus over the storm because they lack faith (4 v 40-41). The people of the Gerasenes are terrified when they see the power of Jesus over the demon-possessed man (15 v 15). The choice throughout these four stories is between fear and faith (4 v 40-41; 5 v 15, 33-34, 36). An experience of Jesus brings an experience of peace if we have faith in Jesus. The “punchline” is 5 v 36: “Don’t be afraid; just believe”.

Available here from the Good Book Company (US) and from the Good Book Company (UK)

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