Kindle Reader launched in the UK

Good news for the UK readers …

Amazon’s Kindle reader will be released in the UK on 27 August and can already be pre-ordered. It comes in two versions:

A version with Wi-Fi and free global G3 connection for £149.00.

A version with Wi-Fi (but without the G3 connection) for £109.00.

This follows the cut in price of Kindle Readers in the US to $189.00 (no doubt responding to the launch of the iPad).

I should say that I don’t have either a Kindle Reader or an iPad, but I’m considering a Kindle Reader. Why a Kindle when the iPad is out with all its bells and whistles? For two reasons. First, the Kindle has an anti-glare screen because it is designed for reading books and reading books only. Second, I can’t afford an iPad. If I could, then it would be a close call. As it is, £149 is still lot of money.

UPDATE: I’m just back from a conference with Jeff Vanderstelt who used delivered his talks using an iPad. So maybe an iPad is the better choice for travelling …


3 thoughts on “Kindle Reader launched in the UK

  1. The new price was finally right for me… and I want a READING device, for READING – the Kindle is the right device for this. The iPad is an iDistraction, and while VERY cool, I couldn’t see myself: a) parting with over $500, and b) resisting the temptation to jump in and out of my reading app to check other “apps”

  2. Hi Brian, good point about jumping between apps. I’ve been thinking recently about how I fear I am (and we as a culture are) losing the ability to concentrate hard because I flit between things too much – and I’m fairly Luddite when it comes to social media (no Facebook, no Twitter, phone averse, text averse, Skype averse).

  3. I’m a gadget freak, I’m afraid – I want ALLLLLLLL of it!! Can’t afford the ipad, but the release of the iphone 4.0 makes my 3GS seem antiquated and silly…

    Having said that, I grew up without technology and could deal with it again if necessary, but having friends/family/schoolmates on 6 continents… Facebook, e-mail, Skype make it possible to maintain contact without breaking the bank.

    Technology is not the enemy! :>

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