Introducing the GCM Collective

The website of the GCM Collective has gone live at

‘GCM’ stands for ‘Gospel, Community, Mission’ and the GCM Collective exists “to promote, create and equip Gospel Communities on Mission”. It’s a collaboration between Jeff Venderstelt and Caesar Kalinowski from Soma in Tacoma, David Fairchild and Drew Goodmanson from Kaleo in San Diego, Jonathan Dodson from Austin City Life in Texas, and Steve Timmis and myself from The Crowded House.

A gospel community is a group of believers that lives out the mission of God together as family, in a specific area to a particular people group, by declaring and demonstrating the gospel in tangible forms. Regular people, living ordinary lives, with great gospel intentionality. The GCM Collective is a community that allows people to exchange ideas, resources and encouragement around topics that relate to creating gospel communities on mission.

Although the public site has only just gone live, we’ve had a community site for a couple of months with open discussions and resource sharing. Anyone can participate for free and we already have over 1,000 members.


4 thoughts on “Introducing the GCM Collective

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  2. I noticed you’re not speaking at the conference. If I see *this* on the GCM Collective site soon: “Just announced: Tim Chester speaking at the GCM Collective conference,” that’ll pretty much seal the deal that I’ll be there with all my friends and maybe even a few of my enemies.

    I might go even if that announcement never goes up, though with sadness.

    *And* if you both a.) speak at the conference and b.) freestyle rap at the conference, I’ll pay double the cost.

  3. I’ll look into taking up a collection ;o) … but seriously, humble response on your part. It would be nice to meet you face to face one day, BUT I agree that the line-up is hard to top – and the advance of Gospel-centred communities on mission will continue with or without you there. I’ll just keep reading your books and blog.

    Aside: Our Gospel community and another one in our larger congregation are going through “Gospel-Centred Family.” Chapter four led to a bit of irritation between a couple in our group and a couple in my friend’s group. A result was a bit of marriage counselling for each of us to do. Just wanted you to know that your (and Moll’s) book is stirring up the right kind of trouble!

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