Reaching the unreached

Last year I ran some posts on the the Reaching the Unreached conference organised by the South-East Gospel Partnership at St Helen’s, Bishopsgate, London with a view to raising the profile of mission to the council estates and disadvantages areas in the UK. My posts were Melvin Tinker on success, David Smith on the missionary challenge, David Smith on evangelicalism and social class and the conference audio.

A second conference is being held on Saturday 22 May 2010, this time at St Andrew’s, Kendrey, in Barnsley. The conference blurb says:

Does the gospel work in the hard places of our land?

Council estates, urban priority areas, low income households: the gospel can seem so weak in the areas where we’re ministering – are we doing something wrong? Is the word of God as powerful and effective here as in neighbouring areas where churches seem to be flourishing? Should we change our methods – or even our message?

Following last year’s first ‘Reaching the Unreached’ conference, this year’s programme is aimed at those already involved in ministry in the ‘hard places’ of our country. Through the day’s talks and case studies, our speakers will reaffirm the confidence we have in the gospel as the power of God for salvation, whilst thinking carefully about how we apply these truths in our particular ministry context. As well as encouraging one another and providing a forum for urban ministers to network, we also want to identify and think about the key issues we all face.

Here’s the programme:

Session 1: Acts 10: ‘Two Conversions: the unthinkable reach of the gospel’ –  Steve Casey

Session 2: Why we need to preach God’s sovereignty – Duncan Forbes

Session 3: Case studies, discussion and prayer

Session 4: Zechariah: ‘Persevere’ – Simon Smallwood

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3 thoughts on “Reaching the unreached

  1. Ian – we did! Obviously it’s not ideal, but we were struggling for dates and decided that the target audience was sufficiently different that the clash wouldn’t steal too many delegates on either side.

    Whilst Dwell is explicitly “for anyone involved in or thinking of church planting … to get equipped and motivated for a church planting strategy”, Reaching the Unreached is for pastors, probably in smaller churches, already well stuck into tough, primarily urban (where urban doesn’t mean trendy and post-modern) contexts. They may originally have been planted independently or by a larger church, but are probably not in a place to be able to consider planting again at this time.

    Having said that, I have heard from a couple of people who would have been keen to come to RTU, but had already booked Dwell, so we’ll try harder next year…

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