Captured By a Better Vision – Extract

My latest book is published in the UK today. Captured By a Better Vision: Living Pom-Free purchase from Amazon UK purchase from Amazon US aims to offer hope for people struggling with pom and guidance for those trying to help them. It is published today in the UK by IVP and will be published in the US InterVaristy Press. In the meantime it is available in the US from

Here’s the introduction to Captured By A Better Vision.

Here’s an extract from chapter 2, ‘Freed By the Beauty of God’.

And here’s a chance to see me introducing the book …

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6 thoughts on “Captured By a Better Vision – Extract

  1. Pingback: Does anyone know where I can buy helichrysum italicum extract online?

  2. The book was only published in the UK on Friday so it may be that copies have not yet reached It is being published in the United Stated by InterVarsity though I am not sure when.

  3. Hi Tim,

    Living Pom-Free aims to offer hope for people struggling with pom

    Are you aware of the typo’s in the description above?


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