5 thoughts on “Introducing Captured by a Better Vision

  1. Thanks for great material on your blog. Have read, enjoyed and recommended “You can change”. Two comments about this post:
    Note the typo in the title – “living Pom free” sounds like you have got it in for the Aussies! (I am assuming it is a typo…)
    And (more seriously) did you know that your Youtube post’s subject is rather undermined by the alternative videos that appear in a row at the bottom after it has been viewed? It connects with the word porn and recommends other videos about porn that are not trying to help people break free (and no, I haven’t viewed them – the titles are enough to go on!). Don’t know how you can avoid that.
    Keep up the good work.
    Ian Rees (Associate Pastor, Brixworth Christian Fellowship)

  2. Pom is not a typo. If I write what it should be then my blog software filters it out. Thanks for the tip about related videos. I’ve tried to switch this off. Not sure if it’s worked.

  3. Tim – thanks for this. In the midst of reading “you can change” right now. Agreed, I don’t just want to say no to porn or anything else, but to be totally captivated by the vision of the Lord as the disciples were and as Paul was and with His help choosing Him. Looking forward to it!

  4. Good on you for writing this book. Do you think it’s accurate to say that this so called “adult” material is an example of the enemy’s attempts to corrupt all of the good things that God has created, including human sexuality?

  5. Thanks for writing this. I lead a college ministry and this issue is rampant.

    We’ve got about 55 college-age people in our small groups going through You Can Change right now and it’s been awesome: http://www.kaleo.ws/theology_lab/2010/01/janmar-2010-in-theology-lab.html

    We appreciate what God is doing through you out here in California!

    BTW to those who want to order the new book: it’s just 7 bucks (with free shipping) if you preorder here: http://www.bookdepository.com/book/9781844744350/Captured-by-a-Better-Vision

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