Missional Church Made Simple

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12 thoughts on “Missional Church Made Simple

  1. Just a shame it spends so much time defining itself against other churches, rather than positively saying what it is about.

    No biblical basis given for why you should choose missional church over the ‘other’ way of doing church either. As the gospel is not described as driving either type of church, you can’t help wondering whether either model is copying.

    The narrative of progress is also slightly unconvincing. Is missional church really new? Hasn’t the church at it’s best always been missional?

    Thankfully, Tim, I feel you avoid these problem in your description of ‘missional church’.

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  3. Oops, lots of typos, including the sentence that should read “…whether either model is worth copying.”

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  6. Steve – I thought the same thing. The visual of individuals taking the mini-church outside the walls could have had people arm-in-arm. And isn’t it Christ they’re carrying together. I’d like to see the image of the church building disappear altogether. Not because a buildign is bad in and of itself, but because that’s not what we carry. Now I think I’m getting too nit-picky. Your initial comment re: individualistic is problem is probably good enough, as my only problem with the well done video is the individualism.

  7. RE: Hasn’t the church at its best always been missional? The church is only at its best when it is missional. Otherwise it is just another club except those who attend don’t pay their dues.

    I think the video is a good start in describing the missional church. Reggie McNeal’s book Missional Renaissance would be a good foolowup.

  8. My thought on the video (btw I like the style) is that it describes a church that does mission, but not a missional church. So I know many evangelical churches that would agree with that video – the church equips its people to live and proclaim the gospel.

    I would have thought a missional church differs in that the church doesn’t send; the church is sent! It is as we live as the church out in the world that the gospel is embodied…?

    But maybe that’s not how everyone understands what it is to be missional…

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