A world made new

It is snowing outside as I write. Proper flakes of snow that are settling on the ground. I’m a middle-aged man, but I still get giddy when it snows. I think the reason is that in a matter of minutes the world is made new. Familiar vistas are transformed. And everything is transfigured by a blanket of whiteness. This grey, drab world of ours becomes a wonderland of beauty and delight.

For the last two or three winters I’ve seen this is a picture of the renewal of creation – and that’s just added to my excitement. A world which is recognizably our world will be transformed into a wonderland of beauty and delight. The dirty and drab will be transfigured. Everything will be made new. How can this be? I don’t know. But the falling of snow is perhaps a faint picture of the possibilities.

Of course, in a few days the snow will be gone and we’ll be walking around in an inch of dirty slush-water. The old world will come crashing back. But this morning at least I am giddy at the prospect of a world made new.

2 thoughts on “A world made new

  1. Tim,

    Snowfall certainly put’s God’s creative and re-creative beauty on display. But I’ve been reminded recently that the snow can also point forward to the new creation in a different way. Because I live in a heated home and get food from a grocery store, my experience of winter is almost all blessing. But without these benefits – and, of course, many in past generations and even today don’t have them – winter’s bitter coldness and and the death that comes with fall and winter is also a sign of the curse. We’re also waiting for the Spring of the new world.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts,

    – Drew

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