Wayne Grudem’s Christian Beliefs DVD Course – a punter’s view

A review of Wayne Grudem, Christian Beliefs: 20 Life Transforming Truths DVD Course, Clear Cut Media. purchase from Amazon UK purchase from Amazon US

Yesterday I reviewed this great resource from Wayne Grudem and Clear Cut Media. But I thought it would be worth getting a second opinion – from someone for whom the material aimed. So here’s a review from Dan Richardson, a young man in our congregation.

What is God like?  What is the Trinity?   What does it mean to become a Christian? What are sanctification and perseverance?  What will happen when Christ returns?

Would you like to have a better answer to these questions? If the answer is yes, or if you’d like help in teaching this to others, read on.  In this 6-DVD box set, Grudem gives lectures on these topics and more.  It’s biblical doctrine designed to be accessible to all.  In total there are twenty lectures, all about 40 minutes in length, with a Q&A session after every talk. There’s also a study guide included.

You know what content you’re getting if you’re at all familiar with Grudem’s work as he basically presents the content of Christian Beliefs purchase from Amazon UK purchase from Amazon US, a condensed version of Systematic Theology purchase from Amazon UK purchase from Amazon US. For those desiring a better grasp of fundamental Bible doctrine, it could be a very valuable resource.  As it does a good job of balancing depth with accessibility, I can see a motivated post-Alpha group, for example, gaining a lot from this course. For mature Christians, the lessons will be good revision.  I particularly enjoyed the Q&A sessions at the end of every lecture where Grudem addresses a lot of (commonly asked) questions from the small audience.  I also appreciated how Grudem prioritised explaining a number of views on controversial topics, affirming unity as Bible-believing Christians between those who differ on secondary issues.

The product does have its niggles.  There is a large advert for the producers and publishers behind Grudem which I think detracts from the atmosphere of the room, and sometimes the camera switches to awkward angles (like looking straight up at Grudem from an area seemingly right next to his left shoe). It isn’t the kind of polished media product that Mars Hill, for example, produces, however those are only aesthetics.

In conclusion, is this worth the £69 it sells for?  To be used as the basis for group lessons and discussion, I’d say yes.  There’s a lot of good material here and I can’t think of any other comprehensive, stand-alone DVD lecture series covering these topics.

The Christian Beliefs DVD Study Pack is available in the UK from Amazon UK and will be available in the US in February 2010 at ClearCutMedia.tv/us.

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