The Effects of Pornography

My next book is Captured By a Better Vision: Living Pom-Free. It’s out from IVP in the UK in April and is being published by IVP US at some point in the future.

So I was interested in a new study of the effects of pomography reported by Ed Stetzer on his blog. Some of the findings inside the study include:

  • Pomography is addictive, and neuroscientists are beginning to map the biological substrate of this addiction.
  • Users tend to become desensitized to the type of pomography they use, become bored with it, and then seek more perverse forms of pomography.
  • Married men who are involved in pomography feel less satisfied with their conjugal relations and less emotionally attached to their wives. Wives notice and are upset by the difference.
  • Pomography use is a pathway to infidelity and divorce, and is frequently a major factor in these family disasters.
  • Among couples affected by one spouse’s addiction, two-thirds experience a loss of interest in se xual intercourse.
  • Many adolescents who view pomography initially feel shame, diminished self-confidence, and s exual uncertainty, but these feelings quickly shift to unadulterated enjoyment with regular viewing.

(HT: Tim Wright)

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