Latest cover options for Captured By A Better Vision

Here are the latest options for the cover of my forthcoming IVP book, Captured By A Better Vision …

1.  2.


16 thoughts on “Latest cover options for Captured By A Better Vision

  1. I like no.1, but the problem is that printing an image of a laptop will invariably date the book prematurely, as laptop styles change so quickly.

    Maybe an image that resonates with ‘captured’ would be worth a go?

  2. I say #2 is better. I think that the color scheme is more appealing. Plus, it doesn’t look like a stock photo. #1 has a stock photo feel to it. That makes it feel sterile to me.

  3. #1 – crisp, sharp – better than the others. Still would have liked to have seen something a little more like the Crossway cover for Total church.

  4. Sorry, I don’t like either of them. Frankly, I don’t like IVP UK’s covers. They lack creativity to distinguish them from thousands of books.

    I would play on fonts, CAPTURED is a strong word that could be used. And if the book is adressed to men. I envision barb wire, prison camps and beautiful sunsets. That’s just an idea.

    But hey, is this another book on sexual purity? Does it really have something to offer that isn’t already out there? Purity Principle and Sex Is Not the Problem (Lust is), corner the market in my small mind…

  5. still looks like an off the shelf IVP image.
    1. will date but is non gender specific
    2. image relates to the title – eyes and vision .

    maybe a similar image but use the author’s eyes?!

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