Possible covers for Captured by a Better Vision

Here are some possible covers for my forthcoming book, Captured by a Better Vision: Living Pom-Free. What do you think?

1. 2. 3. 


48 thoughts on “Possible covers for Captured by a Better Vision

  1. They all sort of go with the other book covers, but I think 1. is the best. Having a face on it doesn’t really fit with You Can Change and Ordinary Hero.

  2. #3 is my favourite. It took me a while to work out what number 1 was, until I clicked to see the larger image. (Okay, call me slow if you want!) I think the white of the monitor draws the attention to the glasses frame. Number 2: it’s not really obvious what the man is looking at, and to be honest it made me think of a slapstick movie.
    Number 3 was best. That said, what about an image of a man looking at a monitor in a darkened room? “Deeds done in darkness” and all that – it might make the feelings of guilt/shame come across.

  3. #1, he’s the only one who could be looking at porn. #2 he’s looking at the wikipedia article on something that’s definitely really important and not at all a waste of his time. #3 he’s looking at his fantasy football team and realising they got their backsides kicked this weekend.

  4. I think #2 is my favourite – of the three it looks the most modern in styling and the title fits well on the back of the laptop screen.

    I know it is the content of the book that matters but people do initially judge a book by its cover so I would think in a book shop #2 would be the cover most likely to draw someones attention and pick the book up to read the back.

  5. #2 – its just the most funky. It took me ages to even work out that number 1 had a picture on it.

  6. Number two easily. Easier to read the title. More space without the faded out backgrounds of the photos in 1 and 3 (ie less visual clutter).

  7. why the heck are they all men?
    Seriously. Girls struggle with this issue as well and it just feeds the mindset that they don’t when there are just men on the covers. I really think this is important, having heard far too many sermons where the pastor addresses the men and basically tells the women they don’t need to listen, it’s a lie. We all need to hear this stuff.
    Rant over :)

  8. #2 hands down. It blows the others out of the water.

    The others are not as clear. They seem too blurry. Plus they look like they are from the 90’s.

  9. I’m clearly the uncool one here, as I really like #1 (followed by #2!). With #2, I find my eyes clearly drawn to the eyes on the cover–so much so that I find it eclipses the book’s title. Not so with #1, with the title front and center, yet still peering over the shoulders of the porn user. It’s a bit more nuanced and not as creepy as #2.

  10. Out of these three I’d go for #2. But it’s not that good and obvious to me.
    The picture on cover #1 seems to me too vague and undefinite. And the guy on cover #3 reminds me of someone working in a office.

    Are there other options for a cover?

  11. But isn’t part of the ‘beauty’ of #1 the fact that it’s not immediately obvious and sort of secretive…isn’t that how people tend to look at pom? I’m still going for #1. #2 is a good second best though!

  12. Out of these, I’m definitely going with number 2.
    (I’m not a huge fan of the IVP covers in general, but then, I’d say that of most Christian publishing houses :/)

  13. Number 2 is the most striking and attention-grabbing. Number 1 takes a while to work the picture out. Number 3 doesn’t really do anything for me.

  14. To be honest – none of them are that great. Sorry to sound negative! However they do tie in with the other IVP covers – if thats what they’re aiming for, then some variation on #1

  15. I agree that none of them are outstanding but it has to be #1 imho because I don’t want a face on the cover. This book needs to relate to ME, the reader. Some other bloke on the cover gives the impression this is a book about other men’s problems.

  16. 2 would be my vote. 1 would be second. 3 looks like an office or other public setting.

    Just to defend IVP for a moment. Sure, their covers will rarely win any design awards. But they don’t have the money of an American publisher. In comparison to many similar sized publishers in the UK they do a great job, in both production quality and list of titles.

    Having said that I’m really grateful for the change that came about following the preview of the ‘You Can Change’ cover. I think that’s a good cover (and better than the US one IMHO).

  17. I think no 2 is the most striking. No 3 looks like it’s a book about work and no 1 is difficult to get initially. I also like Sam’s idea of modified no.2 – with the guy looking straight ahead, no shame.

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