9 thoughts on “Captured By A Better Title

  1. Great.

    By the way, what was the book that you mentioned in the comments of your last post that was your weakest selling but possibly your best book?

  2. I know it’s late but I would have called it: Clear History? God’s way to live pom-free

    The words “Clear History?” work on lots of levels. 1) It’s what people do in their browser when covering their web-surfing tracks, 2) It ask a straight question about the person’s personal standing regarding porn, 3) It obliquely asks if the person has understood the gospel, which is rooted in history.

  3. Too much competition I suppose with From Creation to New Creation. Or maybe its Paternoster’s publishing standards. Or maybe the a lack of a large organisation (i.e. UCCF) to push its books… I wonder.

  4. I got very confused. Pom is what we called powdered potato in submarines, and its fairly gopping – so a pom free life would be great, no more ‘fishcakes’ made mostly of pom, or leek and pom soup 6 weeks into a patrol. But no its not a book about potato product but por_n! I’ll get my cloak…

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