4Gs in F – a New Song

Here’s a new song that I wrote ages ago, but I’ve just realised I’ve never posted it on the blog. It’s an attempt to express in song something of the pastoral significance of the 4Gs that I’ve talked on the blog before.

Weary of striving to make it alone,
fearful of failure or trying to atone,
I hear ‘It is finished’, Christ sits on the throne:
Jesus, I rest in you.

2. Weary of fearing what others may say,
needing approval to feel I’m okay,
when Jesus alone is the Lord I obey:
Jesus, I rest in you.

3. Weary of chasing the lies of this world,
finding its treasures an empty reward:
my beautiful Saviour, most glorious Lord,
Jesus, I rest in you.

4. Weary of needing to be in control,
brooding on worries, disturbing my soul:
the Stiller of storms who alone can console,
Jesus, I rest in you.

5. Weary of memories recalled with dismay,
burdened with guilt that I can’t sweep away,
when Jesus has cancelled what I could not pay:
Jesus, I rest in you.

Here’s the music: Weary of Striving (Jesus I Rest in You). You can also sing it to the tune of ‘Just As I Am’.

The astute among you will notice there are five verses. One of the Gs gets two verses. I’ll leave you to work out which. But here’s a clue. Both my daughters are named after this ‘G’. It’s the second name of one and the other’s first name is the Hebrew word for it.

Tim Chester © 2007 c/o http://www.thecrowdedhouse.org. May be copied and used freely for non-profit personal and congregational use.

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4 thoughts on “4Gs in F – a New Song

  1. The four G’s have not only revolutionized my walk with God and opened my eyes to applying the truth of the gospel, but have taught me a better method of counseling, equipping, rebuking and exhorting those in our community here in So Cal… SO Grateful for what God’s doing though you.

  2. Hi Tim, while I’m very grateful for your helpful formulation of the 4Gs, You Can Change and your other books, I’m not commenting strictly on-topic here! Do hope you don’t mind the breach of blog etiquette, but I couldn’t find another way to contact you – if you delete the comment I won’t mind. Just want to make sure you’re aware that the Lausanne Global Conversation has kicked off with an article by Chris Wright on Whole Gospel, Whole Church, Whole World – it would be great to have you post some thoughts to the blog about that and future articles. It’s on lausanne.org/conversation.

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