Does it get any better than this?

Does it get any better than this (this side of eternity)?


16 thoughts on “Does it get any better than this?

  1. Wonderful! But quite – 2003 RWC, Wilkinson’s drop goal. In fact that was against Australia in Australia. I don’t think it gets any better than that!

  2. Tim,

    As a missional practitioner aware of the fact that we live in a global village I’d thought you would have considered all the cross-cultural implications of a such a comment before hitting publish :-)

    Seriously (and the above is in jest) congrats because you Poms did outswing, outwit & outlast us Aussies.

    Michael (who whole heartedly agrees with GordonC)

  3. You guys can have your day now. But when the return English tour comes around to Oz it’ll be another 5-0 walloping against you guys and Nathan Hauritz will open up a big can of apocalyptic spin bowling at the SCG.

  4. Mike – unlikely. You’ll probably forget to pick Hauritz/any other spinner. 5-0 an unlikely scoreline too, next time round, though an Aussie win seems on the cards.

  5. No it honestly does not (although I’d put being 10 yards from the stage watching Elbow/U2 in Sheffield last week as an equal)—– is cricket the game they play in heaven?

  6. If by the time I get to Sheffield in Feb Man Utd are top of the table as well, I can just imagine the grief I will get from you lot. To be English is one thing, but to be English AND northern?

  7. I make that 1 test win for Australia in the last 9 they’ve played in England. Perhaps the aussies need more practice in the crucible that is county cricket? Didn’t work for a certain P Hughes tho. hmmmm.

  8. I normally like to see England lose because when they do win (which isn’t that often)watching sports on TV becomes almost impossible for sports fans in the other home countries including Northern Ireland where I’m from. This is because of the pompous attitude of the commentators ( they still go on about winning the 1966 World Cup.However I did want England to beat Australia at the cricket because the Australians are even more pompus about cricket than the English.The question was ‘Does it get any better than this (this side of eternity)?

    Yes it did when David Healy scored the winner that beat England a few years ago! Sorry Tim.

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