Review: Rock Solid

The Good Book Company have produced a new edition in book format of a workbook they originally produced for the London Men’s Convention with a new title, Rock Solid: 12 Gospel  Truths to Live By. It’s essentially an introduction to systematic theology in an engaging format. The contributors are all luminaries of the UK conservative evangelical scene. Each chapter includes a summary of the truth, a Bible study, an historical profile, a real life story that shows why the truth matters, discussion questions and (sometimes) a ‘sing truth’ section with a hymn that encapsulates the truth in question. It would be a great book to give to someone, but an even better resource to work through with one-to-one or in a small group. The chapters are short enough to be read out loud in a group setting.

Here are the contents:

Introduction: Why is doctrine so important? – Richard Coekin

1. The unique supremacy of Christ – Trevor Archer

2. The depravity of sin – Mike Ovey

3. The penal substitution of Christ – Bob Horn

4. Justification by faith alone – Garry Williams

5. The sovereignty of God the Father – Liam Goligher

6. The regeneration of God the Holy Spirit – David Field

7. The reality of judgment – Justin Mote

8. The priority of evangelism – Roger Carswell

9. The authority of the Bible – Christopher Ash

10. The centrality of Bible teaching – David Jackman

11. The importance of the local church – Jonathan Stephen

12. The necessity of holiness – Vaughan Roberts

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