The Forgotten Ways – Part Four

A final selection of quotes from The Forgotten Ways Handbook: A Practical Guide for Developing Missional Churches purchase from Amazon UK purchase from Amazon US by Alan Hirsch with Darryn Altclass (Brazos, 2009) …

‘Ask Mission Questions …
* Where are people gathering and experiencing community?
* Where are people finding meaning and a sense of identity?
* What are the current existential issues? Where are people expressing a longing for the divine?
* How does the gospel address these issues? What is “good news” for these people?
* Where is God already at work in the community> And how can we join with God?
* Given the above answers, what will chary look like for this community? (99)

‘The stories of our past formed who we are, and the stories we recall each day continue to shape us. Retelling your stories is unquestionably one of the most constructive practices a community can adopt. This is how you explain your calling and mission to yourself as well as to new members.’ (123)

‘A great example of this process is found in the way Google generates new ideas. All workers are encouraged to post new ideas of the Google intranet. Periodically, everyone gets the chance to review and vote for their favourite ideas. The top ideas are given time and resources for development and, hopefully, implementation. The person who dreamed up the idea is given time off their regular work to develop their idea with a small team. What a brilliant ethos! Imagine if every church did this in relation to new mission.’ (155)

The Forgotten Ways Handbook is a follow up to Alan Hirsch’s book, The Forgotten Ways: Recovering the Missional Church purchase from Amazon UK purchase from Amazon US. Click here for my review.

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