The Forgotten Ways – Part Three

More quotes from The Forgotten Ways Handbook: A Practical Guide for Developing Missional Churches purchase from Amazon UK purchase from Amazon US by Alan Hirsch with Darryn Altclass (Brazos, 2009) …

‘Build community and mission around existing energy and lifestyles. If there’s a group in your church who love to surf, then structure church and mission around them at the beaches and other connected social hubs. Find what people are into, what gives them energy, what they spend their time doing, and explore opportunities to frame church and mission around them.’ (149)

‘Joint community projects are about engaging as a faith community in initiatives shoulder-to-shoulder with members from the local (host) community … Joint community projects … are highly missional and a great way to build communitas [a community with a common mission in dangerous territory rather than a self-serving, holy huddle]. In working together on community-wider projects, significant connection and camaraderie naturally develops.’ (179-180)

‘Limit planning meetings. Establish how often you need to meet for planning, and stick to it. If you need to spend more time together as a team for developing camaraderie, then engage in mission together. This will build for more solidarity that sitting around planning mission.’ (98)

The Forgotten Ways Handbook is a follow up to Alan Hirsch’s book, The Forgotten Ways: Recovering the Missional Church purchase from Amazon UK purchase from Amazon US. Click here for my review.

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