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The Crowded House is planning to host a second UK Total Church conference in Sheffield on Friday 19 and Saturday 20 February 2010. It will be preceded by an in-house get together of TCH leaders from across the UK and around the world. We don’t have any further details at this stage, but here at least are the dates. If you have ideas for what you would like us to cover then feel free to leave a comment.


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  1. I’d love to have exposure to Chronological Bible Storying. Sounds like you do some with TCH – is that right? I’ve read Shaped by the Story (by Novelli) but some experience of it, and training, would be excellent. It seems like a great way of getting people into the Scriptures, especially those who aren’t book-ish, but there aren’t many places to see it modelled.

  2. Hi Tim
    I have had a few questions of transitioning from the typical parish / sunday event model to the community in mission model. ie what do you do when you already own property, have staff and budgets and prgrams in place?

    would love to be there – where is Sheffield again?

  3. Though Chronological Bible Storying would be fascinating to have/discuss in the UK context (I’ve seen it done in Africa to great effect) for me the bigger issue is needing input in helping a non-conformist church transition from a Sunday/event model to a community in mission model. In fact, on reflection no, not that, how to balance the two models in the same church at the same time so we don’t loose anybody would probably be more where I am at at the moment. Is it possible? How? Ideas? Have others done this? Pitfalls? I know where Sheffield is and hope to make it!

  4. I’d be very happy to have help on moving from one model to the next. In a year or so I will have finished my curacy and, quite possibly, will be in a typically Anglican context of several parishes, strong “church is a building we attend on Sunday mornings for a formal service” ethos, and maybe not a great deal of Jesus-centered biblical ministry. Like Keith, I don’t want to upset the faithful saints who have been used to a particular model for decades, while at the same time I’m a convinced Total Church fan!

    Michael Novelli – please come to the UK! And don’t restrict yourself to London, either…

  5. I would like to be part of the conference and gain more experience on how to lead my church.

  6. plz i will be very grateful if am fully inform and updated. i would like be in attentance of the confrence

  7. Hi Tim,

    I’m interested in more details concerning this conference when available. Though I’m not part of TCH I’ve learned a lot about building a gospel-centered community and reaching out as gospel communities through the books and media by you and Steve. And there’s still so much to learn for me as pastor…

    That’s why I would like to take part at this conference, get together with fellow christians, church planters and pastors who share in the same passion for the gospel, the local church and the glory of God, and learn from all of you.

    Please, let me know when you have some news on that conference.

    In Christ,

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