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Discipleship Explored is a DVD and workbook which is designed as the follow-up to the well known evangelistic course, Christianity Explored. We used Discipleship Explored in our church over a couple months in the Spring. It’s a great resource which I can highly recommend. It goes through the book of Philippians over eight sessions. For each session there is a ten minute movie on the DVD in which Barry Cooper essentially talks to the camera. It’s basically a talking head in an appropriate location, but the location and Cooper’s engaging style make it very engaging. The workbook and leader’s guide then provide questions and ideas for group sessions. I was able to hand it to two of your younger leaders and let them take charge of the series.

The session ‘righteous in Christ’ (session 5) on Philippians 3:1-9 is superb. We all said afterwards that we should watch that ten-minute episode at least once a year because it encapsulates the truth of justification so well and applies it so powerfully. I showed it again last week to another group and it was as good as I remembered it being.

If I have a criticism of Discipleship Explored it is that I’m not sure how well it would work as a follow up to Christianity Explored. The gap between the two is too great. But think of it as a study guide to the book of Philippians and you have an excellent resource of home groups.

Here’s a trailer …

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5 thoughts on “Review: Discipleship Explored

  1. On the one occasion I’ve met Rico Tice (about a year ago), it seems that they are aware that maybe the jump is too much. I think it is the most common bit of feedback they’re getting.

    Maybe they’ll have to invent a third course to go inbetween!

  2. I’ve used them both CE and DE and love them both. But I agree – the gap between them is a bit big. Do you have a suggestion for what you’d use as a follow on to something like CE?

  3. Having led DE at All Souls for the last 4 years, and been feeding comments back to Rico and the CE gang, we’re all horribly aware of the jump – and so work has started on something else to fill the gap. Do pray on for that.

  4. Good question. Steve and I originally wrote The World We All Want to use with people after we had been through Christianity Explored with them. It’s a simple Bible overview in seven sessions – no DVDs or anything fancy I’m afraid. It doesn’t assume you’re a Christian. The people we were using it with didn’t have any sort of Christian worldview so we found even Christianity Explored assumed a bit too much. So The World We All Want is not really a course in discipleship, although I wouldn’t want to push the distinction too much. How about something that describes what it means to live as a Christian? For the newly converted this would lay down some foundations; for the not-yet-converted-but-still-exploring this would help them see what conversion might involve. Something like, maybe, like The Alpha Course!?

  5. Great to hear there is an ‘in-betweener’ in the pipeline, but in the meantime…

    working with students in Kwazulu Natal in SA (many who are ‘culturally’ Christian as most Zulu people are), I’ve found Matthias Media’s ‘Just for starters’ and the follow up ‘Christian Living for Starters’ as a good introduction to the Christian faith – going over the basics (not assuming them) as well as establishing for them the ‘norms’ of Christians discipleship – living by faith, loving like Christ, etc. As many of the students I work with assume they’re Christian, but aren’t actually clear on the gospel, it’s approach is brilliant – showing up gaps in their understanding as well as filling them with gospel truths. If you get them to do the first bit on their own each week (writing out the given verse/s in their own words) you’re also getting them started on getting into the Bible on their own.

    – not a ‘course’ as such with dvds, but brilliant for 1-2-1 discipleship, which is probably the best thing to follow up after a CE course anyway.

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