Training for ministry in the context of ministry

NTI LogoIf you’re looking for an affordable alternative to residential Bible college that integrates training with work and ministry then the Northern Training Institute could be for you. NTI trains people for church leadership through:

  • guided reading and short assignments
  • two week-long residentials each year
  • seven seminar days

The residentials and guided reading allow us to cover the ground with a focus on biblical, missional and pastoral implications rather than academic debates. But the real genius of NTI are the monthly seminar days. Each seminar day we take a theme for the day and students prepare papers on that theme – some looking at biblical issues, others coming from an historical or systematic perspective, and others looking at the missional and pastoral implications. It means that through the day we really wrestle with the topic while all the time students are learning to think theologically and apply theology to practice.

Because students can combine NTI with ministry and work, NTI is much more affordable that residential alternatives. But it also means the interplay between theology and practice happens naturally.

I think it’s great, but then I’m the Director! So here’s what current students say:

If I’d set out to design a training programme ideally suited for me it would be NTI.

The monthly seminar days have been invaluable to my learning and applying learning to my context. I have very much enjoyed leanring alongside fellow practitioners. NTI is great!

I’d recommend NTI to anyone.

NTI could be for you if …

  • you want to be a church leader or a church planter
  • you want affordable theological training while remaining in ministry or work
  • you can commit 10-15 hours each week to study
  • you’re a graduate or have experience of Christian ministry
  • you have the support of your local church
  • you’re based in the UK

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8 thoughts on “Training for ministry in the context of ministry

  1. Tim, is it essential to be based in the UK?

    What if someone was prepared to fly in for the residentials and training days?

  2. Bro. Tim, have the same question as Chris. Is this only offered in the UK?

    If so, any direction as to finding a similar study/equipping States side?

  3. No-one’s ever offered to fly in seven times a year for just a day at a time (plus the two week-long residentials). I’m not sure that’s realistic. Have you not heard of carbon footprints!

    If you’re after training in church planting and missional church then our Porterbrook Training is about to launch in various locations in the States. See for details.

    NTI is a bit different – it’s a more generic training for church leadership that enables people to train in the context of their ministry. I’m afraid I don’t know of similar programmes (or even ‘programs’) in the States. But surely they must exist!? The evangelical community is so much bigger and more innovative Stateside. We’d be very happy for someone to take our model and start something up – especially if they wanted to pay me a big consultancy fee for my advice!

  4. Tim, I wasn’t thinking about a long flight. It seems a shame that someone based in a close-by European country for example (where there is literally nothing at all in terms of training) would not be able to benefit from something like this.

    Besides, it would probably be quicker (and maybe even cheaper with Ryan Air!) to fly to a regional airport then drive all the way up from, say, Southampton.

  5. Apologies Chris. I lumped your comment in with the comment from Tim Camp and assumed you were considering coming over from the States. In fact we do have someone studying with NTI who is based in Barcelona. He did the first year while in the UK and is doing the final two from Spain. He travels to the UK for the residentials and then joins a seminar day via skype. It’s not ideal which is why we have not offered it more widely. And I’m not sure how many non-UK residents we could have at any one time. We can only have one person joining via skype at one time. Although if we had enough people we could have an online seminar group with everyone connected via skype or something similar. If you’re interested then get in touch via the NTI website and we can see what we can do.

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  7. Tim,

    I think this is a great thing you guys are doing! My church has also started such a ministry. I wondered if you had at all been influenced by John Frame’s excellent article, “Proposal for a New Seminary?” Keep up the good work, bro!

    Michael Foster

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