What’s your frontline of mission?

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Mark Greene tells the story of a church who started talking about everyone’s ‘frontline’. ‘Everyone had a frontline – a place, a context where they felt that God was calling them to minister, so everyone could be involved.’ The church leader, Paul Pease, says:

A saying we frequently use here at Hook is ‘surviving and thriving on the frontline (and the frontline is where we are most of the time).’ We are still totally convinced that the action is on our frontline, and we retreat twice a week behind the frontline for fellowship so as to encourage one another to get back out to the frontline once again to win people for Christ. I am really passionate about this and am convinced this is the purpose of the church and the best way to reach people with the glorious gospel.

Mark Greene comments: “The team here at LICC now uses the word ‘frontline’ in all our teaching on mission. It’s a term that honours every context and binds people together in shared endeavour, even if that endeavour is pursued in different places.”

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3 thoughts on “What’s your frontline of mission?

  1. Thanks heaps for the link. I found Greene’s “Supporting Christians at Work” to be extremely challenging and constructive for me and this has been a spur to keep a closer eye on LICC.

    God bless

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  3. Tim,

    We are reaching unbelievers with your The World We all Want. Is it permissible to scan The Story of the Promise of Salvation (chapt.1 of your From Creation to New Creation) as a handout to those working through WWAW?


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