Audio from Reaching the Unreached conference

Here’s the audio from the Reaching the Unreached conference …

David Smith – How did we get to where we are? Class, culture and the gospel

Melvin Tinker – Where do we go from here?

Case Studies (Training Leaders, Reaching Men, Going the Distance)

Question Time

Hugo Charteris – Why should we do it?

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5 thoughts on “Audio from Reaching the Unreached conference

  1. Good to hear this sort of topic addressed. Further on “the unchurched has community already”. Indeed, if we sell ‘church as community’ we shouldn’t be surprised if it appeals to the mobile middle-class – especially as they settle in a new place after university, looking for friends and before the responsibilities of marriage and parenthood leave less free time.

    The working classes often – but not always – already have community.

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