Suffering followed by glory

Here’s another sample chapter from my latest book The Ordinary Hero: Living the Cross and Resurrection – out now  from IVP UK. It’s taken from Part Three: The Pattern of the Cross and Resurrection – Suffering followed by Glory.

Chapter 12. Suffering Followed by Glory

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The Ordinary Hero outline

The Ordinary Hero sample chapter

The Ordinary Hero ‘wordle’

The Ordinary Hero movie

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6 thoughts on “Suffering followed by glory

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  2. Tim,

    I love your writings. Total Church and You Can Change are still messing with me after a 2nd and 3rd read. Very excited about this new book. Do you know when we will be able to buy it in the US for under $50.00? That’s all US Amazon has it for right now.

    Also heard from someone that you Steve Timms have another book coming out is that true and if so any word on that?


    Chuck Land

  3. I’m afraid I don’t. It’s not been published in the US. My best recommendations is to buy it from Amazon UK. Or you could try The Good Book Company – I think their shipping rates might be cheaper. (The Good Book Company have launched a US website, but it only sells their own resources.)

    I’m not entirely sure what new book your source is referring to. But my best guess is The Gospel-Centred Life which Steve and I have co-written as a followed up to The Gospel-Centred Church. We’ve finished the manuscript, but I’m not sure when it will be released.

  4. Tim,

    God’s grace in Jesus comes to many of us through your writings. Thank you my brother.

    Two questions for clarification.

    1. The Ordinary Hero. Excellent book. Confusing title. Your last sentence in your introduction talks about “ordinary heroes”. The plural nicely brings out community aspect of living the cross and resurrection. Your title seems to take us in a more individualistic aspect. Any thoughts?

    2. You can change. Excellent book. Confusing subtitle. Is there significance in the shift from “sinful” behaviour to “negative” emotions? Are you using negative synonymous with sinful or ungodly? Any thoughts?

    Two questions with no ill intent. I’ve read 5 books now of yours…and whichever one I’m currently (re)reading is my favorite. Thank you so much for your love for Christ, His Word, His people and His glory.


  5. Hi Dan, good questions. First, ‘The Ordinary Hero’ was in the end the publishers choice. I was happy with ‘Living the Cross and Resurrection’, but maybe that is not catchy enough to sell copies. The reason we went for the singular is that we felt ‘Ordinary Heroes’ sounded like a book of biographies. Not a very profound reason, but there you go!

    There was more thought behind ‘negative emotions’ and the thoughts were mine. The reason is that I suspect a lot of people do not see their anger or despondency or bitterness as sinful. They see such emotions as natural and inevitable consequences of their circumstances. They would like to change them, but don’t recognize their own culpability. The book itself, of course, challenges this (and therefore offers hope for change). But if you think your emotions are not sinful then you won’t buy a book on sinful emotions – though you might buy a book on negative emotions. So you need to show people the true nature of their problem and you need more than a sub-title to do that.

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