The way of the cross = the way of joy

theordinaryheroHere’s a sample chapter from my latest book The Ordinary Hero: Living the Cross and Resurrection – out 15 May from IVP UK. It’s taken from Part Two: The Practice of the Cross – Sacrificial Service

Chapter 8: The Way of the Cross = the Way of Joy

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The Ordinary Hero outline

The Ordinary Hero ‘wordle’

The Ordinary Hero movie

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8 thoughts on “The way of the cross = the way of joy

  1. Enjoyed the chapter very much. I was with church planters and leaders in Italy last week and it struck me that in a pioneering situation where there is very little by way of encouragements, it is much harder to glory in our own achievements. Much easier to to fail to find joy in the cross when we can do it all ourselves. When we can say “if God doesn’t work for my good and his glory I will go to plan B and figure it out myself.” We glory in the cross, and don’t get suckered into self-glory, when we don’t have a plan B and when there is no possibility of plan B.

  2. Just got an email from Amazon saying they were having trouble getting the book from the publisher and no ETA either.

  3. Just got a message from IVP: ‘I’m aware of a number of default-type messages from Amazon, but our moving to direct supply should help matters enormously, enabling a current status report to be generated. Please bear with us as we work with them on this.’

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