My latest book is out on Friday

theordinaryheroMy latest book is out this Friday: The Ordinary Hero: Living the Cross and Resurrection published by IVP. Here’s an outline. I’ll post a couple of sample chapters in the coming days. In the meantime here a ‘wordle’ of the book and the video I made describing the book is below. You can purchase copies from Amazon purchase from Amazon UK purchase from Amazon US.

Part One: The pardon of the cross – humble confidence

1.  How do you know God loves you?
2.  Will God’s love stand up in court?
3.  Humility
4.  Confidence

Part Two: The practice of the cross – sacrificial service

5.  The way of Jesus = the way of the cross
6.  Everyday martyrdom
7.  The value of Jesus
8.  The way of the cross = the way of joy

Part Three: The pattern of the cross and resurrection – suffering followed by glory

9.  No glory without the cross
10.  Bondage followed by liberation
11.  Hiddenness followed by revelation
12.  Suffering followed by glory

Part Four: The power of the resurrection – power to be weak

13.  Resurrection power, freedom and life
14.  Power to be weak
15.  Freedom to serve, life to die
16.  The Spirit of resurrection

Part Five: The promise of the resurrection – adventurous hope

17.  A renewed world of life
18.  A world of justice, joy and love
19.  A world worth living for and a world worth dying for
20.  The adventure of hope

Conclusion – My hero of the cross and resurrection

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