How will we preach the gospel in this kind of world?

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3 thoughts on “How will we preach the gospel in this kind of world?

  1. Honestly, the initial thought that comes to mind is that we have to focus on being substantial. Emphasising value and not following the trend of declaring prices. The pearl of great price or the hidden treasure has much to say to this generation – may they catch the scent of it, see a glimpse.

    If that was vague, sorry.

  2. excellent blog and books brother Tim! You’re a great inspiration and help to many of us out here.

    Great question on bringing the gospel to this kind of a generation. A few thoughts immediately came to mind.

    First, we need to remember that we’re all still human beings with a common sin problem. We all desperately need mercy. We need life… no matter how big our Babel tower gets.

    Second, I think we need to live the Gospel among them. This is basic Christian community that shows a transformed life. We all have a need for relationships. So, let’s leverage some of this technology to help us make those face-to-face relationships that turn into discipleship friendships and gospel disseminating messages.

    Third, we need to practice sabbath. The video depicted our world “on-fire” with information running at break-neck speeds; nothing rests. “Freneticism” was the new heroine. Man cannot be a machine and wasn’t created that way. Therefore, when true believers rest, they trust. Christians show that there is One who is sovereign and that the world can never out-run or out-pace Him. I think this new generation will ache for rest for their souls like never before.

    thanks for the good question!

  3. Great video and I love you framed it with the question, “How will we preach the gospel is this kind of world?” Without the intention of being overly simplistic, my answer to your question is, “In person. Through face to face contact.”

    In this kind of world, we do not need to go to church to hear great preaching, nor to participate in tremendous worship times, nor even to receive great teaching. In this kind of world, it is all at our finger tips. But what the church can offer, but sadly it is not often offering as much as it should, is the face to face interaction with others – the personal contact. Living together in community!

    I think that in “this kind of world,” we can offer the kind of community that is lacking and within which the gospel can be best presented!

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