Proposal for a new seminary

Steve Timmis recently sent me this link. It’s an article by John Frame putting the case for a new type of church-based training for ministry. It’s a great statement of the rationale behind the Northern Training Institute which we’ve started to train people for church leadership through “an affordable, Bible college-level programme of study that enables students to integrate theological training with involvement in ministry through residential weeks, seminar days and guided reading”. But don’t take my word for it …

(PS. My blog’s been a bit quiet lately because I’ve been transfering my life from my old Windows XP computer to my new iMac.)


5 thoughts on “Proposal for a new seminary

  1. Hi tim
    great liitle vid thanks. fascinating paper by Frame.
    NTI keeps coming up in conversation here in Sydney and I was wondering if you have done any writing on educational theory and the reasons behind the course structure -e.g part time non residential .
    the guys in the vid spoke about integrating learning with practice – what kind of push back do you get from those who talk about full theological study in theological community e.g Oakhill or Moore etc.
    also have you found difficulties or weakness in the model yet?
    joined the Mac cult I see ;)
    in his grace

  2. I haven’t written on education theory beyond what we put in Total Church (chapters 7 and 10). Sure, we do get push back from residential colleges – they have a lot invested in the residential model! The weakness of NTI is that people only get out of it what they put in it. I guess that’s a weakness with any model. But NTI can be quite demanding for people unless they’ve carved out some protected time. We say 10-15 hours a week = two days or at least a day and a half.

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