Cultural renewal and church planting

Recent posts have reflected on artistic endeavour and cultural renewal.

Yet renewing the culture of the city probably feels beyond the grasp of most church planters and church plants. Producing half-decent music for corporate praise seems enough of a struggle!

But culture is about creating a home in this world. All of creation was good, but God made a garden-home for humanity and told them to cultivate it. Culture is cultivating (it has the same root word) creation to create a home. Seeing cultural renewal as renewing our home – the place where we live from our house to our neighbourhood and beyond – perhaps makes cultural renewal feel more attainable.

We will want to give Christian artists a missional vision for their work – to see themselves as people embedded in communities of light bringing light to the city through their art as well as through their the rest of their lives.

So we will value the role of professional artists. We will support them, prayer for them, shape them and disciple them. But we will not abdicate our responsibility for culture making and cultural renewal to them alone. Cultural renewal means creating a creative home, holding street parties, renewing waste ground, running film nights, writing songs, sponsoring public art and so on.

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2 thoughts on “Cultural renewal and church planting

  1. Thanks for this Tim. As a relatively ‘uncultured’ scientist without a creative bone in his body, I couldn’t see the relevence to me of much of what you had written in your previous posts on this subject. However, this latest post is very helpful, particularly the last sentence. I hadn’t been thinking in terms of street parties, clearing waste ground, etc as being included in the concept of cultural renewal you have been presenting. These things are within the scope of everyone – even me!
    Enjoy Grace!

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